Grief arises out of LOVE

Grieving due to the loss or anticipated loss of an animal companion can be a very difficult and emotional time. Many people feel alone and unsupported. It also doesn't help that society doesn't fully recognize the significance of these losses. 

No matter the species, our bond with our animals is unlike that of any other relationship. Losing a beloved animal can be devastating. Whether your beloved animal is a dog, cat, rat, rabbit, guinea pig, horse or any other species- loss is loss. It's important that you know that your emotions are normal and natural. 

We understand what you're going through and are here to help! Grief support can help you to express your feelings and give you the freedom to openly grieve. Support is available by online, via phone and email, whichever you prefer. Together we will work towards your healing and moving forward.

How can the loss of an animal companion 
create a pain so immense?

"The death of a pet can be agonizing to a degree where even you (as the bereaved) are asking yourself how it is possible for it to hurt quite so much. Joachim du Bellay was asking himself this very thing circa 1558, three days after the death of his cat:

I cannot speak, or write
Or even think of what
Belaud, my small grey cat,
Meant to me, tiny creature . . .

It causes the sensation that the heart is indeed about to burst, or break, and physical pain extreme and similar enough to an actual heart attack to send one to the emergency room."

Excerpted from The Animal’s Companion by Jacky Colliss Harvey on Our Very Human Grieving of Animal Companions.
Full article available here.


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