Reiki for Animals, Pet Loss and Bereavement Support

Reiki for Animals may enhance an animals' general health and wellness, help during times of stress, illness and through an animals' end-of-life transition.

 Animal Bereavement Support provides emotional support to people experiencing grief due to the loss (or anticipated loss) of a beloved animal companion.


"Until we've loved an animal,
a part of our soul remains unawakened."
Anatole France

Honouring the human-animal bond 

You have an eternal connection with your animal companion; a bond which will never be broken.

Our bond with animals is unique and unlike that of any other relationship. Animal companions give us with such unconditional love that it is only natural to develop an incredibly deep connection with them.

Many people describe feeling closer to their animal companion than even their closest human family or friends. It is therefore natural that we want the best for them. We take care of them and hope they live long, healthy lives. Healing energy therapies such as Reiki may help enhance overall health and wellness and may also help during times of stress and through the end-of-life stages. 

Feelings over the loss (or anticipated loss) of our beloved animal
can effect us deeply on many levels.

Having to say goodbye to a beloved animal companion can cause immense feelings of sadness. Given the incredible love and connection we share with them, our sense of loss can be devastating.  I offer a space of peace and comfort, with emotional, spiritual and psychological support throughout your bereavement process. 

We love our beloved animal companion so deeply,
and the grief we feel is a reflection of that love.

My mission 
To bring peace, comfort and compassion to the animals we share our lives with.

To give a greater sense of support, understanding and compassion to those experiencing grief due to the loss of a beloved animal companion.

To raise awareness of and honour the remarkable human-animal connection.

I started Wildflower Healing to help animals and their people:
 Reiki for Animals to help support an animals' overall health and wellness, during times of stress and illness and during an animals' end-of-life transition.
 Animal Bereavement Support to help support individuals experiencing grief and sadness due to the loss (or anticipated loss) of an animal companion.

I support my clients in multiple ways, through my background and continuing education in psychology, extensive training and certification in animal bereavement and grief recovery and helping animals directly through Reiki for Animals therapy.

I feel honoured to be able to do this work and am very grateful for my connection with animals. I believe that the bond we share with our beloved animal companions continues, even after physical death. This bond will never be broken. 

Sessions are offered worldwide remotely andonline (Zoom, FaceTime, Skype).  

Together we will work towards healing for you and your animals, honouring the eternal love that you share.

This website was lovingly created with a cat on my lap